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HelpX: 10 October 2015

HelpX: 10 October 2015

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Many volunteers have stayed with us through the HelpX exchange (it’s similar to WWOOFing but not just for organic farms) and would recommend it to anyone thinking of going travelling who is willing to work through their travels.

We have enjoyed the company and stories of all the volunteers and the farm and grounds have benefited so much from the different ranges of skills and experience they have brought to us. We were delighted that one helper who was with us over lambing time left a review on the HelpX site recently and wanted to share a little.

“I only planned to stay for a week, but ended up rearranging the rest of my travels in Europe just so that I could stay a little longer. Newhall is a stunningly beautiful place. It’s located right outside of Edinburgh, so you’re just a bus ride away from one of the most charming cities in Scotland. I only went into Edinburgh once, though, because I was so happy at Newhall. John and Tricia’s property stretches across green rolling hills, woods with walk-able paths, and even a lake if you wander far enough. After a full day of work, I loved walking the property or reading in the walled garden. It felt like a fairy tale! On top of all that, Tricia and John live in a small castle. I got my very own room and bathroom. It could have been a 5-star hotel and is likely the best boarding on HelpX.”

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