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Visiting the gardens of Newhall Estate

Visiting the gardens of Newhall Estate

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We are so fortunate that, because of the history here, Newhall Walled Garden and grounds have been planted and looked after for many hundreds of years.

Newhall features on an old monastic map as the site of a Cistercian monastery in the tenth or eleventh century. The monks created a Hospice on a hill immediately to the north of us. We benefit enormously from the fact that these grounds have been tended and planted for many generations by the trees and the depth of the soil amongst other things.

The Walled Garden was established in the late 18th Century and is laid out in the traditional crucifix form. The huge herbaceous border runs north east to south west and a dissecting path runs from north west to south east. The feeling of space was taken very literally in the mid 19th century when two Wellingtonias were planted on either side of the southeast gate! Vegetables, fruit and flowers are produced and an interesting selection of unusual plants.

Outside the garden there are walks along the banks of the North Esk River, which are in a steep wooded glen carpeted with snowdrops, aconites, ramsones, comfrey, primulas, wonderful ferns and grasses at various times of the year; many interesting rock formations and a sandy cave, as well as hilltop walking for the more adventurous on the Pentland Hills immediately to the north.

We welcome private groups to visit the garden, at least 6 up to 40 people between 1st May and 31st August. This will include a garden tour and arrangements can be made to provide tea and home baking, or a buffet lunch for an additional charge.

Arrangements to be made through Tricia Kennedy by email ( or by telephone 01968 660206.

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